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There are very few businesses these days that do not have a website. Many now also have Facebook pages and You Tube
channels and use Twitter as a messaging service.

The potential of these worldwide shop windows for your products, brands or services is increasing month by month.

But what actually happens when end-consumers search for a product online or want to find out more about your business
At STF we are problem solvers. We provide solutions for our clients that make the process of video production stress-free and cost-effective.

We are great at listening to what people want and translating those ideas into finished products that exceed their expectations. We will always contribute suggestions and advice and we make a point of keeping our clients as informed as they want to be about the production process.

There are no hidden extras, nasty surprises or disappointments because of poor communication.

How can new customers find my website from amongst thousands of competitors?
I can't keep new customers on my website long enough to make a sale.
How do I know that a video actually works as a sales tool? What proof can you offer?
Can a company video only be used on my website? What other uses do they have









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