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How we work

At STF we are problem solvers. We provide solutions for our clients that make the process of video production stress-free and cost-effective.

We are great at listening to what people want and translating those ideas into finished products that exceed their expectations. We will always contribute suggestions and advice and we make a point of keeping our clients as informed as they want to be about the production process.

There are no hidden extras, nasty surprises or disappointments because of poor communication.

How much does a film cost?

The first thing that many businesses want to know is how much it will cost?The answer, perhaps a little frustrating for those wanting to know immediately, is that it is impossible to know until we hear what you want.What we can guarantee is that if you contact us and explain what you are looking for we can provide a reasonably accurate budget figure. We do not charge anything for our time if you want to meet and discuss your ideas and listen to our input.

The pre-production process is, arguably, the most important part. It is here that we find out your strategic aims, your ideas on content and style and make our own suggestions on how we might achieve the best result. We will never begin production until we have a clear, written brief on what we are trying to achieve and a fixed-
price budget.

What services do you offer?

All of our material is filmed in full HD. We have access to a wide variety of cameras, grip and sound
recording equipment and our editing is to broadcast standard.

We can supply production music, motion graphics and 3D animation.

Your finished video can be delivered in a wide variety of formats.

Our broadcast background means that we are used to delivering on-budget and on-time to the highest standards.

Why choose Spinning Top Films?

The most important factor for any company considering using STF is that we have a track record of producing high-quality video content that has proved to be cost-effective and valuable to our
clients. Our Testimonials show that we achieve results on time and on budget.But just as important to us is our company ethos.We are committed to forging long-term productive relationships and that are built on trust in our honesty, professionalism, attention to detail and being willing to go the extra mile to give our clients the results they want.

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